Houston Marketing Strategy

More than tactics – we provide strategy and solutions that work. It’s what we do best. And we like to prove that we are the best at what we do by providing interesting thoughts and perspectives on the latest and greatest marketing matters.

Our well-honed process helps identify your significant, unique and credible advantages in the marketplace. We leverage our marketing resources to design timely and relevant messages to meet your goals. Consider CMG Houston an extension of your team—a strong, dynamic marketing partner at your service.

Our Process

  • We partner with you on an in-depth needs analysis to learn who you and your customers are and to understand your key marketing challenges.
  • We uncover your true brand position via our Marketing Strategy Model, a precise five-step procedure led by a trained facilitator.
  • We employ multiple research options—from third-party sources to targeted surveys to focus groups—to identify your target customer’s emotional connection to your products and services.
  • We brainstorm effective ideas to support and enhance your brand position and aim for maximized ROI.

The result? The ultimate strategy that confirms why customers should choose your brand over your competitors, combined with the ideal reasons to buy now.

But Wait…There’s More

Want to get started developing your marketing plan today? Be sure to download our FREE E-Book: “The Small Business Guide to Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy” to learn how to make your advertising more effective by building your plan on a solid foundation of marketing principles. Oh…did we mention it’s FREE?!