Attract more customers online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Experts will optimize your website so it is far more likely to come up in searches related to you, and have a higher ranking in search results. These “organic” listings are determined by rules and algorithms of the search engines, which we will capitalize on.

  • Organic and paid search should be managed together for the best results. A unified strategy builds a synergy.
  • A higher ranking website means more people are exposed to the company and it products, even if they have not made a purchase.
  • SEO contributes to the longer term strategies of building brand awareness, and forming a reputable digital footprint.

Owned and Operated Display Advertising

CMG properties (TV, Radio, Print) have corresponding websites where we will place display ads that lead to landing pages. Our local audiences continue to find your brand in all locations, reinforcing a brand standard.

  • Amplifies campaign media plans so the morning commute to work becomes the morning click-throughs.
  • Build brand relationships through staple websites the local community relies upon for information.
  • It’s a completely integrated marketing approach gives super users multiple avenues into your product offering.

Search Advertising

Search Ads are created using keywords that describe your offering. These ads provide you with the opportunity to capture a user’s attention right when they’re searching for keywords that relate to your business.

  • Search data provides insight on user intent, and we can directly engage that intent with your solutions through search ads.
  • Targeting keywords your competitors aren’t using means we can work together to spot untapped opportunities.
  • Weekly reports let us maximize return on the ads and landing pages that are getting results.

Display Advertising

Creative display ads are posted on websites that target the prospects you want, in the zip codes you want and even on the side of the street you want. When someone visits one of these sites your display ads will follow them wherever they go.

  • Experts target your audience on the websites they like. Your ads display there, and where they’ll be next.
  • People who have already considered your product are “remarketed” to, so your ad follows them to the next site.
  • Weekly analytics give a clear picture of your ROI, and eventually becomes a numbers game of where to scale.