Mobile phone users frequently use apps that “check in” at an event, or at a business. Your business will have 5 Major Check-In Network Pages so users can find you, check into your event or store and find special deals.

  • “Checking In” at your store, or at an event you sponsor, is a testimonial to users’ friends, on your behalf.
  • Put your business on the “digital map,” and provide special offers to drive foot-traffic to your locations.
  • Analytics reports provided with metrics about increase in impressions and check-ins to the Geo-location pages.

Social TV

Any event or store can benefit from this solution. A flat-screen display shows interaction from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

  • A webpage with the feed will be customized to client or event. Language may be filtered.
  • People are enticed to interact. Everyone loves to see themselves on TV.
  • Customers effectively give testimonials and market your brand in Tweets, comments, and check-ins.


The user takes a photo of themselves using a camera mounted on the installation. Their face is then shown in your branded frame with an ability to share it with friends on social networks.

  • Connect the event in such a way that your brand is part of the positive experience.
  • Sharing a photo with your branding is the next best thing to a testimonial.
  • Campaign report delivered detailing how much traffic was generated.

Vending Machines

This machine will dispense prizes (space permitting) after the user follows a company or brand on twitter.

  • Reward your new twitter followers by giving them an item from a vending machine.
  • A social currency vending machine painted a single color. Vinyl covering optional.
  • Optional screen will show recent tweets and new follows for the brand.