The Small Business Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

You Don’t Plan to Fail – You Fail to Plan

Small Business Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

The best advertising is not necessarily that which is clever, creative, or funny. The quality of advertising should be judged by only one criterion: It was effective. It accomplished or exceeded the goals of the company; it led to the desired consumer behavior, whether that be walk-ins, website visitors, phone calls, or other inquiries.

Ultimately, successful advertising will lead to profitable sales…revenue sufficient to deliver a return on the investment made.

Not all advertising that is effective will win awards or critical acclaim. And not all award-winning ads will be looked back on as having been effective.

The intent of this E-Book is to help you make your advertising more effective by building your advertising plan on a solid foundation of marketing principles. Let’s start by recognizing the definition of terms like advertising and marketing. While many people use these words as if they are interchangeable, they are not.

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