Sourcing our Sources

It’s ok to be an expert at everything, and maybe even borrow some intelligence from others, but transparency is critical. We’re loud, proud and clear that our inspiration not only comes from professional experience, but also from these resources available to Houston’s sales and marketing professionals.

In addition to subscribing to our blog*, add these subscriptions to your arsenal of trusted, sales and marketing information resources. Knowledge found within these fantastic finds can aid in your mission to be an expert in all things sales and marketing in Houston.

Keep checking back! We’ll be adding to our list regularly as we continue to discover more fantastic resources. And don’t forget to read our blog!

* Shameless plug.

Advertising Age

One of the leading advertising industry news publications.


Delivers innovative content that appeals to business and marketing professionals alike.


Provides business intelligence and consultative sales tools to business owners and marketers.


Provides new tools and other essential resources for businesses.

The Center for Sales Strategy

Covers important and relevant updates on consumer and BtoB trends.

Content Marketing Institute

Provides the ‘how-tos’ of content marketing.


Delivers news and critiques from the ‘bests’ to the ‘worsts’ in current advertising.


Provides thought leadership on business development and management.

Greater Houston Partnership

Serves the Houston business community with advocacy, connectivity and a commitment to building economic prosperity.

The Huffington Post

Gives tips on the latest news and blog worthy stories.


Gives must-know news and industry information.


Delivers practical advice on marketing trends and best practices.


Provides thought leadership on business development and management.

602 Communications

Serves the business community with advice on marketing matters backed by the experience of an emotional marketing guru.

Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Delivers critical data and research that advances understanding of the most critical issues facing Houston.

Shelly Palmer

Helps businesses succeed in a digital world with useful business/consumer news.

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