Radio Works in Houston: Here’s Proof from The New 93Q

For those of us whose careerqzoo2015 foundations are steeped in traditional media – where radio has long been our
go-to for disseminating targeted messages – the following story will come as no surprise to you.

And while this blog is a high-five moment for all radio professionals – may it also serve as a testament to Houston advertisers that ever doubted in the power of this tried and true medium. Turns out – radio not only compels consumers to buy – it changes their lives as well. That said…

At Cox Media Group Houston, we are accustomed to receiving regular email communication with important Corporate and staff updates. And – every so often – we get a note that does a heck of a lot more than just inform. These are the emails that make us proud to be Cox Media Group employees – and stewards of radio.

Here’s real-deal proof that radio works.

Last week, our Receptionist, Petrice Douglas, shared the following story with us and I feel compelled to share it with the readers of Houston Marketing Matters

I have been here for 12 years, and often get a reminder of just how BLESSED I am to have such a great job that surrounds me with AWESOME people.

This morning a gentleman walked in to pick up a prize and asked if he could speak with Al Farb, our Morning Show Producer. I’m usually pretty firm about not disturbing the jocks while they are on air in the studio, but I could hear Al and Erica Rico, one of the Q Morning Zoo hosts, in the hall talking. I asked the gentleman if it was an emergency, and he said that he wanted to thank them.

The entire Morning Show crew came out to greet him, and he humbly thanked them for helping him get his new job as a plumber. He explained to them how he received 15 calls from different companies offering him a job the same day they talked about his situation on-air. My heart got happy! To see the look on his face, and to see how grateful they were to be able to help was absolutely priceless.

Props to our very own Q Morning Zoo on The New 93Q for this one. Thanks for representing.