How to Make Your Digital Banner Ads More Effective


How do you make sure your banner ads deliver the results you’re looking for? Managed properly, great banner ads can be an effective way to drive awareness and boost site traffic and sale conversions. Here are some tips to make sure your banner ads bring the results you’re looking for:

1. Keep It Simple

Your message should be short, simple, and able to beat the two second glance. Use visual language and high impact messaging. The reader should view it, understand it, and act on it immediately. Avoid flashy, annoying animations and overly busy designs. Aim for clean, simple, and concise.

2. Color Palette

Colors will be the first thing the viewer notices and feels about your banner ad. Use a color scheme that matches your site’s banner image, and remember to contrast the background and the text so the words pop out. Don’t be afraid of white space.

3. Call-To-Action

A strong call-to-action is critical for any advertising campaign to have success. Sometimes “Today Only!”, “Buy Now!”, and “Hurry!” create just the right amount of tension to cause the user to click through immediately. But, sometimes a softer approach might be more appropriate. “Learn More” might be a better fit for B2B software and training’s.

4. Leave Them Wanting More (Call-To-Action II)

You don’t need to put every piece of critical information on your banner ad. Remember, the #1 goal of banner advertising is to get the viewer to click on the ad. Don’t distract with too much type or messaging. Write your banner copy so you leave them wanting more.

5. Width & Height Matter

Your banner ad needs to be large enough, but not so big that it obnoxiously takes over the page. Make sure your ad stands out without cluttering the screen.

6. Keep the File Size Low

Try to keep your banner ad file size low (under 50kb). The bigger the file size the longer it will take to load on the page. If your file is too big, you’ll either lose out on potential impressions (especially people with slower internet connections) or create performance problems for the page.

7. Research Your Competition

What are your competitors doing? Are they offering online coupons? Are their pages too cluttered? Are they using video banner ads with horrible sound quality? Take notes on your competitor’s marketing strategy.

8. Include Your Logo

You may want to create an abbreviated logo or mark to minimize clutter on your banner ads. For example, you could take an element from your logo (ex. a leaf from a tree logo) and include it on the banner ad instead of the whole logo.

9. Target Your Audience

Specifically, who is your audience? Don’t think that it’s “everyone” or the “general public.” Not everyone will be interested in your product or service just because you want them to. Your color palette, message, fonts, coupons, and call to action should all be geared towards your target audience, whether tweens, stay at home moms, car enthusiasts, or those who enjoy a backyard BBQ.