Houston Business Owners: Don’t Try Marketing On Your Own

Sometimes it’s tempting for Houston business owners to handle all aspects of  business, including marketing, in hopes of saving a few bucks. And while having control might feel better than relying on someone else, it’s very likely that you could be hurting your overall chances of success.  Here’s why…

You are an expert. And you are an expert at what you do, at running your business, being a manager, and understanding your customers. But unless you have a formal marketing or advertising background, then you are probably not a marketing expert. By hiring a Houston advertising agency or working closely with your media company rep, you can achieve much greater success while saving yourself time and money in the long run.

We Know What You Can Do and Say – Legally

When you’re running a business the last thing you need is a lawsuit for using an uncredited photo without the photographer’s permission or unintentionally plagiarizing a phrase. These are marketing mistakes like that can have serious consequences and may cost your business.

Using an agency or media company can help you avoid blunders like that. They are experts in the best practices for marketing and understand how to increase your business’s success in the Houston market.

Professionals Have Expertise You May Not

The team you work with should have expertise in areas you know little or none about, such as:

  • Understanding consumer behavior trends.
  • Choosing the right media for your needs. (BTW – are you still only using print?! Tisk. Tisk. You need to chase down the digital bandwagon. It’s left without you.)
  • Setting realistic and measurable goals.
  • Developing creative that will get results.
  • Changing trends including Google algorithm, legal issues, and general market updates.

It Takes (Dedicated) Time

You have a business to run, a staff to manage, and new clients to develop. You don’t have time to write creative, place ads, track results, and respond to every tweet. Hiring outside your company takes the pressure and the responsibility off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other business needs. (And just because your super smart niece graduated with a degree in communications and needs a job – doesn’t necessarily mean she’s got tried and true experience to effectively plan and manage your marketing budget. Internships are designed for a reason! Hire a seasoned professional folks.)

Quality Marketing

Paying for marketing services is an added expense for your business. However, by appointing a quality marketing agency or utilizing the expertise of your media company, you should see quality leads, valuable feedback, and increased ROI.

The old adage continues to stand true: You get what you pay for.

This of course does not mean you have to step out of the process or that your input doesn’t matter, because it certainly does. But your input paired with a marketing expert is what will really make the difference.

Trusting experts at a media company (shameless plug => Cox Media Group) with your marketing strategy and execution will allow you more time to focus on developing your business. Their knowledge and experience will help you to deliver quality marketing material and avoid costly mistakes that put businesses that were once profitable in Houston out of business.

Would you leave your brand new, five-speed Mercedes in the hands of a driver who has never driven a stick – let alone – doesn’t have a license?  Probably not.