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Five Houston Topics that Might Affect Your Business

Houston, Texas is a great place for any business these days. A diverse economy, growing population and favorable tax rates are just a few reasons that are contributing to the success of both small and large companies in the greater Houston area. With that being said, there are unique traits and trends in Houston that […]

Why Classic Rock Continues to Drive Revenue for Businesses

Don’t stop believin’…in Classic Rock that is. Sure, gone are the days of free love, and any Woodstock tribute will never compare to that magical event during the summer of ‘69, but one thing you can be sure of — the tunes from these Classic Rock artists are still raking in millions of dollars. Who […]

How to Effectively Pair Your Radio and TV Advertising

Previously we’ve covered how to integrate digital advertising with a radio campaign, but digital isn’t the only medium that pairs well with radio. A campaign that combines radio and television advertising can be exceptionally powerful as well. Today we’ll be offering some tips on how to plan your messaging across both mediums to give you […]


10 Horrible Excuses for Not Having A Digital Marketing Plan

Business owners frequently make excuses when it comes to why they aren’t utilizing digital marketing despite the many business advantages it brings. In this post i’ll list 10 excuses businesses make regarding why they don’t engage in digital marketing and explain WHY we think not having a solid digital marketing plan is a terrible business […]

5 Ways to Track Your Houston Radio Advertising ROI

Houston radio stations reach millions of potential customers each day – just take a look at the freeways during rush hour and you will see what I mean! Can you reach this audience through radio? Absolutely! However, tracking your radio advertising ROI can be extremely difficult, given that people often don’t pay attention to how […]