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Video Advertising vs. Banner Ads

Spending just a little bit of time online will show you one thing – video marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Sites across the Internet will open with a video advertisement on the sidebar, which may cause you to wonder whether or not banner display advertising is on its way out. While video is becoming quite […]

How to Market On A Shoestring Budget

Many Houston small and medium-sized businesses on shoestring budgets are concerned about investing in marketing. They hesitate to invest creatively, because they think it is a risky proposition and are worried that the costs will eat up way more of their budget than they can afford to spare. When promotional dollars are scarce, planning a marketing campaign […]

Top 10 Mistakes Houston Advertisers Make

Small and medium-sized businesses in Houston need to extract maximum value from their marketing budgets, which are typically limited and demand a high return on investment. This makes it even more important that they avoid common advertising mistakes, which happen when businesses and their marketing teams lose focus on the all-important details of a campaign. […]


Marketing Solutions That Build Your Customer Base

Over the past sixty years, the world of marketing and advertising has changed drastically and what were once tried and true marketing strategies are no longer relevant and have been replaced by integrated campaigns that don’t focus on one medium but many.  These changes are important to Houston business owners and marketers because they have […]