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How the Heat Affects Consumer Behavior in Houston

With temperatures soaring and the sun blazing down, there is no escaping the Summer weather in Houston. Most Texans claim that they aren’t fazed by the scorching heat. However, business owners and marketers in the area must understand how the heat affects customers and their purchasing decisions. The Psychology of Hot Temperatures Psychologists and market analysts […]

25 Reasons Email Marketing Still Works!

In the world of marketing and advertising, it is important to be on top of the newest trending marketing strategy in order to reach consumers. However, as many new strategies have emerged, it’s critical to not forget the powerful effects of email marketing. Leading companies like Amazon prove that email is still relevant by harnessing […]

How to Effectively Pair Your Radio and TV Advertising

Previously we’ve covered how to integrate digital advertising with a radio campaign, but digital isn’t the only medium that pairs well with radio. A campaign that combines radio and television advertising can be exceptionally powerful as well. Today we’ll be offering some tips on how to plan your messaging across both mediums to give you […]

SEO Tips for Your Houston Business

Search engine optimization — SEO for short — is an extremely effective method for driving organic traffic to your website. Having a solid SEO strategy for your Houston business not only helps to boost organic traffic but the traffic you attract is likely to be more qualified in the long run. When a user comes […]

Responsive Design: We’ve Made It Simple for You.

So – turns out – Google is going to eventually have its way with Houston businesses who don’t invest in updating their non-mobile-friendly websites.  That’s because we know the majority of consumers are turning to mobile devices for their Google searches. And how can Google help users get the info they need if businesses aren’t […]

Radio Works in Houston: Here’s Proof from The New 93Q

For those of us whose career foundations are steeped in traditional media – where radio has long been our go-to for disseminating targeted messages – the following story will come as no surprise to you. And while this blog is a high-five moment for all radio professionals – may it also serve as a testament to Houston advertisers […]