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3 Different Examples of Marketing ROI

For many Houston businesses, the purpose and goal of any successful marketing endeavor is to have measurable ROI. But, there’s another side to marketing that often gets ignored in this great push for everything to be about dollar and cents – creating lasting impressions, getting people through the door, getting the phone to ring, driving […]

How to Make Your Digital Banner Ads More Effective

How do you make sure your banner ads deliver the results you’re looking for? Managed properly, great banner ads can be an effective way to drive awareness and boost site traffic and sale conversions. Here are some tips to make sure your banner ads bring the results you’re looking for: 1. Keep It Simple Your […]

Houston Businesses: Here’s How To Lose Business

I’m a month short of my wedding date and the past ten months of planning taught me a lot about super important things like…the seasonality of peonies…what navy, non-metallic, ecru linen stationary (with gold printing) looks like…the best website to order custom tartan swatches in a 10oz wool weight…and the fact that the wedding industry is pretty […]


5 Ways SEO Helps Your Business Get Found Online

What is SEO? You probably already know this, but just in case… it is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, the practice of making content easily recognizable by search engines. In simplest terms, SEO helps webmasters, businesses, and individuals reach their online goals. So what does this mean for you? As a business owner in […]


3 Reasons Why SEO Can’t be Your Only Online Marketing Strategy

The importance of incorporating SEO into your Houston online marketing strategy cannot be underestimated. Millions of Houston residents turn to the internet on a daily basis to find local companies that can supply products and services that they need. If your business website is not prominently listed for industry-related and localized keywords, then chances are […]