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The 5 Steps to Creating an Online Advertising Budget

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to figure out how to create an online advertising budget for your business, but had no idea where to start. When you start the process of creating an online advertising budget, you’re hit with a ton of different options from Google ads to SEO services. Finding the right […]

Is Your Business Haunted by Poor Online Reviews?

As a small business, you know all too well how important word-of-mouth marketing can be for your reputation and bottom line. In this age of internet revolution, poor online reviews can leave a nasty mark on your online presence. But sometimes, these unfavorable reviews show up even when your business has done nothing wrong, simply […]

What’s Happening If You Still Don’t Have a Responsive Website

Google’s algorithm has once again changed, and it has a direct affect on your business. This time around it is all about responsive websites. The importance of having a responsive site cannot be understated: Google will punish non-responsive sites by pushing down their search result rankings. In addition, navigation issues are driving potential customers towards those […]

Top Marketing and Advertising Quotes from Around the Web

As marketers and advertisers, we’d be nowhere without our talent for creating engaging content and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies. That’s why we’re always looking for that spark of inspiration that can help us out along the way. We’ve put together some of our favorite quotes about marketing and advertising – feel free to leave your favorites […]

How Radio Can Help You Better Connect with Millennials

In a landscape that changes daily, spending money on effective marketing requires a great deal of adaptability. While older generations remain fairly predictable, many myths surround marketing to 80 million millennials and benefiting from their $1 trillion a year in purchasing power. Is Radio a Viable Outlet? Yes, each week the medium reaches 9 out of […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Country Music Fans

Country music is as American as apple pie. A favorite among radio listeners for generations, the genre has produced some of the most quintessential music and artists in the last two centuries, and its mainstream popularity only continues to grow by the day. By understanding who Country music radio stations’ audience is and how the genre […]