3 Different Examples of Marketing ROI

For many Houston businesses, the purpose and goal of any successful marketing endeavor is to have measurable ROI. But, there’s another side to marketing that often gets ignored in this great push for everything to be about dollar and cents – creating lasting impressions, getting people through the door, getting the phone to ring, driving traffic to your company blog, or making sure people know your brand’s name and message.

A powerful marketing message can give lasting impressions, staying in people’s psyche for months (or even years) to come. Below are some examples we can learn from:

1. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches Campaign

A really great example of the type of impression a marketing campaign can leave is the Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign, which had a recent ad in 2013 via a series of YouTube videos. The video consisted of several women being asked to describe themselves while an FBI forensic artist used these descriptors to draw them (individually) from behind a divider. These women were also paired with eachother and asked to get acquainted. They were then asked to describe their other woman for the artist – and another drawing was created for each person. Finally, each woman took a look at the images – one image based on their own description, and the other image based on another woman’s perception. The women were taken aback by the differences in how they described themselves versus how others perceived them.

The goal of this campaign wasn’t to sell Dove, or even to promote Dove’s numerous products – it was simply to address an issue that Dove saw in its own demographic while focusing on its core message: beauty and women.

2. The Walking Dead Promotion in South Africa

While lesser known, another great example took place in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011. It was a marketing attempt to get more people interested in watching the second season of the wildly popular The Walking Dead. During the trailer for a romantic comedy, an actor dressed up in zombie make-up was sent into the theater as the trailer played. Then toward the end, the lead actress pulled out her gun, effectively “killing” the zombie (from the movie screen!) before rolling a promo for the next season.

3. Nonprofit Builds Awareness

Another interactive campaign took place in Vancouver in 2008, when Rethink Communications created an ad for Offsetters, a nonprofit group that encourages people to reduce their carbon emissions. Its ad consisted of hanging life rafts throughout the city alongside office buildings with the words “Stop Global Warming” underneath. Additionally, lifeguards were positioned around the city and park benches equipped with life jackets to further illustrate what would happen if people didn’t work harder to prevent global warming.

Understanding How to Measure Your Marketing ROI

Each of these marketing campaigns are extraordinarily different – from nonprofits to television shows – but they each had a core concept: getting their message out, getting people to interact with their message in a very non-traditional way. Each also used a different medium that you wouldn’t normally expect in a way that is extremely memorable.

Successful marketing doesn’t have to be – and isn’t always – about a direct sale; not right away at least. In fact, marketing ROI comes in many forms. Your first goal should be to get your audience engaged. Get them inspired by a unique approach to advertising and messaging that breaks through the clutter. Show them that you’re keen on what matters to them. Build that bond. Create a lasting impression and be patient for what’s to come as a result: revenue.